PRA's commitment to excellence in research begins with our people. Our team of recruiting professionals will help you determine if a career with PRA is right for you. We are committed to providing you with the tools and resources necessary to aid you in the decision-making process as you consider a career with PRA. Our growing workforce is comprised of over 5,000 employees spanning more than 13 time zones across six continents and who speak more than 30 languages—yet operate in unison as one worldwide PRA community.

Our success starts with:

  • PRA's Philosophy— PRA encourages open, two-way communication across the business and empowers you to take your career as far as you want it to go.
  • PRA's Leadership—Our respected leadership team is dedicated to supporting and empowering our people to be the best!
  • Employee Referrals—Our people love it here! PRA's greatest source of hires during the past several years has been through employee referrals.
  • Career Development
    • In 2012, PRA promoted more than 700 employees worldwide.
    • In 2012, we filled 11% of our employment vacancies internally.
    • Throughout the year, our management team works to develop and assess progress toward individual goals and objectives.
  • Learning Environment—PRA provides an opportunity to draw on knowledge of thought leaders and experts from around the world, and we are a proud registered education provider for the Project Management Institute.
  • Stay Connected—Employees stay connected worldwide through our fully integrated IT operations and communications infrastructure.
  • Industry Awards—PRA and its employees have won numerous awards and accolades in the CRO industry. For the second year in a row, PRA was named U.S. Clinical Company of the Year. In addition, PRA placed first, second, and third, taking a clean sweep of the Project Manager category. Lastly, one of our CRAs, featured in a CNN article, placed second in the New Clinical Research Associate category. The intense “Finals Day” of the competition was captured in a video and features several PRA employees.